Cliff of Babylon

Student housing units designed to fit on water sawed cliff-sides outside of Chalmers in Gothenburg. To create new areas of development while not crowding the city.

A task to create 12 new housing units in a central location of Gothenburg I chose to work with an area of water sawed mountains just in connection to Chalmers. These units are suspended by drilling a steel-frame straight into the rockface that the units are built upon and hanging walkways are placed between a central transportation and technical shaft.

Each unit is designed with a small but flexible interior and an outside area seperating social and sleeping functions. The outside area is open and in direct contact with the mountain that the structure is suspended from showcasing both the structure and the natural elements holding the units. A pattern of placement was designed as to provide an easy way to place the units on any vertical surface in the city.

  • Year 2019
  • Location Central Gothenburg/span>
  • Status Student project
  • Institution Chalmers
  • Type Vertical housing / Student housing / Hanging / Nature