Housing project where we had to design a housing unit adapted for dream houses made by the 48 other students in the studio.

As a first step each of 48 dream houses was translated into data points that held information such as size, ammount of rooms, level of privacy and such. From this list of data a script was produced to transform this into 48 unique configuration of predefined building elements where aspects such as privacy and requests of double ceiling height was take into regard.

All 48 housing configurations was then scripted to be automatically placed into a envelope with a solid core of stairwells and shafts using the same dimensions as the blocks generated from the input data. An facade style that could adapt to different styles of privacy was the applied to the housing blocks all depending on the specifications of the inhabitants.

To be able to be as a adaptable as possible on the inside as the spaces generated was not designed by me but by the generative process an installation floor was designed where no static installations was needed. Thus kitchens, bathrooms and heating could be freely placed inside the generated units.

  • Year 2019
  • Location Gothenburg
  • Status Student project
  • Institution Chalmers
  • Type Housing / Data based / Parametric / Adaptable