Kathak palace

Final bachelor project situated in Ahmedabad India providing the area with a new meeting place and an source of entertainment that is not only catered towards men. The main concept of the project was the shift between observering (voyeur) and participating (acte) and how this shift can be accentuated by architecture.

There are two main elements of the project the main sporting hall and the park with a multitude of activity zones leading up to the hall. These two are both covered by a spanning roof structure providing shading and differentiating the levels of intimacy in the zones. The sport hall is the main focal point of the building and incorporates the shift between observing and participating in a very literal sense. By physical transformation the roofing that serves as an extended sporting area can be opened up and then becomes a seating area for observing down into the main hall.

The park is an open flexible space consisting of five activity zones the close the zones are to the main hall the more they shift from participating to observing. All through the park there are roses scattered these are mainly speakers but also serves as air-filters when activites surround them, there is also a spanning sound-barrier to further shelter the park from the busy road next to it.

Starting from the zones with highest possibility for acte, zone 1 and 2 are very similar with low seating benches around and an open space for basketball, football etc. Zone 3 the acitivites are starting to shift, more flowers populate this area and acitvities such as ping-pong exist but there are more social areas with tables and benches. Zone 4 and 5 have transitioned into a completly social area, with mainly seating, social areas and aprojector screen either to broadcast what is happening in the main hall or movies.

  • Year 2015
  • Location Ahmedabad
  • Status Bachelor project
  • Institution Umeå school of architecture
  • Type Public space / Transformation / India / Entertainment / Sports