Ordinary dreams

Ordinary dreams is a public-space project situated in Robertsfors a small city in the hinterlands outside of Umeå where our task was to create a market for the inhabitants.

Inspired by how a resistor that manipulate a current to later on power an output a similar diagram was drawn but in this case the resitor was the structure and the current social interaction. Looking at how architects such as Cedric Price and Fazlur Khan tackled this approach I wanted to create something adaptable and able to move and change according to the demand of the users.

The structure consists of a horizontal frame that is suspended by three vertical pillars, a horizontal crane that operates on the frame and 2640 cubes housed in the frame. Each of the cubes can be indivually placed by the horizontal crane and locked into position with eachother to form new temporary constructions, this system is controlled by the inhabitants and made to be able to adapt to both an increase and decrease of users.

To be able to provide maximum freedom in the creation of outputs the three pillars suspends the main frame by wires and are counterweighted in the back creating a self supporting mega structure. I looked at how boats use mediators to divide tension and designed a ring based design that splits the load onto multiple points.

  • Year 2014
  • Location Robertsfors
  • Status Student project
  • Institution Umeå school of architecture
  • Type Public space / Transformation / Technology / Market / Suspension