Schwarzchild Villa

In our second year of Umeå we worked in Robertsfors located in the hinterlands outside of Umeå. Our task was to create our own brief in groups and then create a housing unit that would also provide a service to the city itself.

Starting out from the idea of gathering around food a market or a restaurant was the initial concept but as the project grew so did the scope. starting from a central housing unit located in a central greenspace area the gravitational field of a black-hole served as the force pulling inwards towards the market outside of the housing unit.

When the pattern and center of the gravitational field was defined the housing unit was shaped from it, outside the same pattern formed the benches and marketing stands that would provide the gathering point of the small city. When zooming out and viewing the whole city of Robertsfors the pattern was applied again but this time just providing small indications of what direction you had to travel to reach the market this generated small benches and landmarks that pulled the inhabitants of Robertsfors towards a common-space.

  • Year 2014
  • Location Robertsfors
  • Status Student project
  • Institution Umeå school of architecture
  • Type Urban planning / Villa / Housing / Pattern